Our history

Our beginnings

Beginning with a first semester project

The idea for the introduction of a Formula Student team at the University of Applied Scienes Düsseldorf originated in a first semester project. In 2013, this idea was turned into reality and our "E-Traxx" team was founded. Due to the simultaneous upswing in electromobility, the decision in favour of a racing car with an electric drive was quickly made.

After four years of intensive development, the first car, "eXXe16", successfully competed in Italy in 2017. Two years later, the development of the second car "eXXe19" aka "Foxxy" began, which was slowed down by the 2020 pandemic and the departure of many students who successfully completed their studies.

Overcoming challenges

New start in 2022

In autumn 2022, our team was strengthened once again by a significant increase in members, which served to reposition the team and put it back on the starting line.
As the team expanded, the "eXXe19" project was revitalised and successfully completed in summer 2023. After an intensive construction phase and successful qualification for the events in Italy and Croatia, "eXXe19" was finally able to take off.

The events not only provided an opportunity to demonstrate the team's capabilities, but also to gain valuable experience that will serve as the basis for a successful new season.

At the 2023 events, it became clear that a small family had formed, characterised by strong cohesion and support. Unfortunately, it was not possible to pass all the technical tests in Italy, but the experience gained was immediately put into practice in Croatia. Having passed all the tests, Foxxy was able to speed towards the finish line.

Unfortunately, it also became clear that there was still a lack of members in the individual departments. Accordingly, successful marketing was once again carried out during Freshers' Week in autumn 2023 in order to expand the team.

In 2024, the team reaches over 40 active members and more and more students are joining the team, accepting the challenge. 

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More info

E-Traxx today

Seit Herbst 2023 arbeitet das motivierte Team am neue Wagen “eXXe24”, der für die Saison 2024 fertiggestellt werden soll. Dabei erfährt das Team noch immer stetigen Zuwachs.
We are looking forward to a successful summer and two events for which we successfully qualified in January. This year we will be travelling to the Hockenheimring in Germany and back to our beginnings in Italy.
We look forward to everyone who supports us on this journey!

Our team