Formula Student

From the USA to the whole world - how it started

In 1981, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) carried out a project in the USA for the first time that would permanently change the study time of many young people around the world: Formula SAE.

The idea was to have students develop and construct a real racing car.

Originally only held in the USA, the design competition developed into an international project in 1998 when students in the UK competed with their self-built racing cars. Under the name "Formula Student", the competition has since established itself as the world's leading design competition for students.

There has also been a German edition of the competition since 2006.

Formula Student offers participants the opportunity to put their skills to the test in various disciplines at the Formula Student events. These include both the static events, such as the Engineering Design Report or the Business Plan Presentation, and the dynamic events, such as Acceleration and Endurance, where the car actually drives. In order to qualify for the events, the teams must perform well in the qualifying quizzes, which take place every year in January, and prevail against other teams.

In addition to the traditional combustion engine vehicles, there is a separate competition for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Formula Student is the ideal complement to everyday theoretical studies, allowing students to put their knowledge into practice and connect with other students.

Networking at Formula Student

As mentioned in the introduction to Formula Student, it is a global competition that will bring together over 600 teams from all over the world in 2024 to work towards a common goal: the successful construction of racing cars.

At the events, the strong community and solidarity of the teams becomes clear when they meet. Although it is a competition, there is a lively exchange where knowledge and ideas are shared and friendships are formed.

Formula Student is therefore not just a venue for the competition, but a place of fascination, education and international networking that goes far beyond the race track and can accompany participants throughout their lives. As alumni, many former Formula Student participants remain involved in Formula Student, get involved in events or pass on their knowledge.


More than just screwing and welding

Although it may seem at first that Formula Student is only for motorsport fans, this is not entirely true.

Formula Student is open to a broad target group of students and sponsors. Five of a total of seven faculties of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and other universities are represented in our team and we are looking forward to further growth. Interdisciplinary cooperation plays a decisive role and promotes not only the exchange of expertise within the team, but also integration between the individual student faculties. 

Everyone is welcome to join Formula Student!

On a personal level, participation in Formula Student strongly supports the development of important soft skills and abilities. Teams often form company-like structures, and the practical work in such an environment paves the way for students to make a successful start in the world of work.

The diverse teamwork and the encounter of different personalities also shape the experience in the racing team. Through various opportunities for advancement within the team and in the Formula Student world rankings, students learn how to deal with responsibility and focus on sustainable problem-solving.


1000 points - spread over 10 disciplines

Divided into Static and Dynamic Events, each team can score up to 1000 points at each event. In order to take part in the Dynamic Events - where the racing car finally drives - the teams must first go through the Scrutineerings.

Static Events

- Business Plan Presentation (75p)
- Cost & Manufacturing Event (100p)
- Engineering Design (150p)

Dynamic Events

- Skidpad (50p)
- Driverless (DV) Skidpad (75p)
- Acceleration (50p)
- Driverless (DV) Acceleration (75p)
- Autocross (100p)
- Endurance (250p)
- Efficiency (75p)