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More information for applicants

Every team member with a class B driving licence is allowed to drive the vehicle. With a little practice in our simulator, driving is not difficult at all.

A minimum of four and a maximum of six team members must be selected as drivers for the competitions. Professional racing drivers are prohibited in the competitions, as the design competition aspect should remain in the foreground.

Your tasks depend on your interest and motivation. You decide in which areas you would like to contribute and deepen your knowledge.
The team is divided into three departments: Mechanical, Electrical and Business. You decide which one you would like to join. Your degree programme is irrelevant.

There is no general time requirement that you have to fulfil as a member. Your motivation and ambition determine how much time you want to spend. The more you volunteer, the more experience you will gain from this project. We are a team and coordinate with each other so that everyone can complete their tasks in the time they can spare. We are all motivated students who also understand the lack of time during the exam periods.

Experience has shown that team members invest more time on their own than expected at the beginning, as the project quickly becomes a fun hobby that is shared with friends.

Formula Student is a voluntary project for students and is therefore not remunerated. However, it is possible to work on projects with us in the form of an elective subject, an internship semester and a Bachelor's/Master's thesis. It is also possible to obtain a certificate of achievement for applications.

A few insights

Further insights for potential supporters

The project is financed through the support of sponsors and donations from various sectors. We also receive a lot of support from our university.

We are looking for partners, with whom we can continue to develop and grow together in the FS community over the next few years. We are very flexible when it comes to cooperation and are guided by our supporters. Some want to help us move forward quickly and easily through donations in kind or cash, others are interested in full sponsorship. The scope, regular exchange and other details are freely negotiable.

Our team offers a number of advantages, which we would be happy to explain to you in more detail in a personal meeting. Here are our three main points:

  1. Through us you have direct access to a Talent Pool of ambitious & motivated students. Members of our team regularly start out as interns or working students or start their careers with our partners after graduation.
  2. Formula Student also offers a gigantic network of teams, universities and companies. We offer you direct access.
  3. Are you organising a trade fair, opening or other event? We support you with simulators, cars and more!

Quite simply: spread the word! The more people know about us and Formula Student, the better. Do you have a contact who could help us? Do not hesitate to contact us.