How did "Foxxy" come to be?

The second car of our team "eXXe19" aka "Foxxy" was completed over a construction period of four years and a complete team change in 2023. Compared to its predecessor eXXe16, eXXe19 is more agile, more modern and much lighter. It was launched in both Italy and Croatia in 2023.

The nickname "Foxxy" comes from the fox tail attached to the rear of our eXXe19. A stylistic device that expresses the uniqueness of our team.
'Foxxy' also represents the ambition and passion of our team. On the way to completing the car, the team was put to the test in terms of cohesion, patience and trust, but we overcame this with flying colors.

From Italy to Croatia

The Formula Student ATA in Italy was the first event for our Foxxy. In mid-July 2023, our team embarked on a long journey to Turin to compete with Foxxy. Although Foxxy had ridden independently at home in Germany, not all tests could be approved. Even after many hours of work in the pitlane, Foxxy still failed the mechanical inspection.

Where there's a will, there's a way - with renewed energy, the team headed to Croatia for Formula Student Alpe Adria at the end of August 2023. After an even longer journey to the north of the country, the team was certain: we're going. Come what may.
And indeed: the hard, sometimes night-long work between the two events had paid off. Our team mastered every test and nothing stood in the way of the dynamic events: Foxxy scored her first points in Croatia.

The success in Croatia paved the way for a new era, peppered with motivation and instructive experiences that need to be implemented for 2024. You can find out what happened to our team and our work under "Our new car: eXXe24".