Our racing simulator

A passion for racing

Our enthusiasm for everything that drives is not limited to the real road. With the conversion of our first car, the eXXe16, into a racing simulator, we have also been competing in the digital world since 2023. Whether relaxed in your free time or at exciting 24-hour races: Our eXXe16 is regularly utilised.
We are also happy to give our partners and guests the opportunity to take a spin at internal or external events.
A little tip: Our eXXe16 loves travelling. If you want to offer the driving fun at your own events, you can hire the simulator.

Preparation for practice

In addition to the fun of driving, our simulator is also used to prepare our drivers. Not only does the driving itself contribute to this, our team regularly rebuilds the tracks of the event organisers. In this way, we can ensure that experience and driving skills are gained before our cars are completed, thus further ensuring the safety of our members.

Whether experienced or inexperienced, everyone has the opportunity to improve their own performance and familiarise themselves with our car.

Want to go for a spin?

Our simulator can be rented for your own events and functions!

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The history of eXXe16

Our eXXe16 is a veteran that has an exciting history behind it. Although it no longer drives itself today, it still offers an incredible driving experience as a simulator.

Starting signal for our team

In 2016, after a long time, a lot of sweat and passion, our team's first racing car was completed. In 2017, we took part in a competition in Italy for the first time. All technical tests were successfully passed and the endurance race was contested.

Unfortunately, the endurance race could not be completed due to a defect in the safety circuit. Nevertheless, it was a complete success as, according to one judge, the vehicle is "above the level of other first-year vehicles".

In 2018, the vehicle competed again in the Netherlands. This time, the vehicle successfully passed all technical tests and took part in all dynamic races. This was only achieved by 3 out of 21 teams and therefore made us particularly proud.